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Patrick Temple

Patrick Temple

pt-portraitYou want to be a runner. I will help you plan out how to become one, in a realistic way and within your time constraints. We will begin gently with immediately achievable goals, and progress in a way to sidestep injuries and overtraining. I don’t believe in the “Body Combat”, “BodySlam” or “Killer Suicide Drills” models of fitness – true progress comes from incremental steps over time to add up to something reasonable and even more incredible – lifelong fitness, stress relief, weight control, and bonding with a great group of people.

You are a runner. Maybe you’re looking to find out why you’re still hurting after a long time trying on your own. Maybe you want to step up from a 5K to a 10K, 10K to half marathon, street running to trail. Maybe you want a Boston Marathon qualifying time. I will help you increase your fitness and bring these goals within reach.

I am a runner. It’s a big part of who I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My goal is to help others find their own inner runner and make it fun and rewarding. My experience goes back 40 years and I’ve raced virtually every distance from 100 yards to the marathon. In 2015 I was privileged to run the Boston Marathon, a lifelong goal achieved.

Get in contact today and get started. We will make it happen together.

Past Clients Say:

“Patrick has several decades personal running experience. He’s been a reliable running partner and motivator for me, and his love of running is matched only by his commitment to people. He celebrates wins large and small. Above all else, he is unendingly positive. Patrick Temple is a natural running coach.” Jonathan

“Patrick has boundless knowledge about running and can train you for a 5K up to a marathon. Patrick Temple is an awesome motivational coach with a very even keeled temper to help you focus on your goal. He will help get you to the finish line with a PR, or if you are just beginning he can motivate and help you run consistently with a plan.” Andrea

“I’ve been training with Patrick for more than three years, and have watched him train with others as well. His quiet, steady approach seems to make even the hardest workout feel easier. That said, he knows how to coax real work out of you, even when you’d be likely to give up on your own. I’ve consistently PR’d since training with him, and recommend him very highly.” Rebecca

“Since I was young, competitive sports have always been a part of my life. My competitive nature has been a driving force in everything I do. However, as I have gotten older and have settled into my career as a physical education teacher and mother, overall fitness has become my main focus with less emphasis on competition. Weight lifting, running, cycling and swimming became a routine for me.

In 2005 I decided to run my first marathon. My goal was just to finish. I finished and hurt like hell after. Nevertheless, it didn’t deter me from running another one several years later. Once again, my goal was to finish, but this time I set the bar a little higher. I wanted to finish in under 4 hours.

Soon after that marathon I started training for another one. I met Patrick and he started helping me with my training and my goals. Patrick introduced me to the “Conversational Pace” concept of running. There is a time for high intensity runs such as hill repeats, track work outs, and tempo runs, but the majority of my runs should be at “CP” conversational pace. Particularly my long runs. Since consulting with him, not only have I enjoyed running much more, but I have become a much stronger, smarter, and patient runner. Since being under his tutelage I have PR’d in my marathon, half marathon, and 10k times. Now my competitive nature is becoming a driving force in my running. With Patrick’s help, I have qualified for my dream…the Boston Marathon. “



Upcoming Events

  1. Windsor Half Marathon

    May 20 @ 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  2. Santa Rosa Marathon and Half Marathon

    August 26 @ 6:00 am - 5:00 pm